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"Score Goals in Life: Football Unites Youth for Empowerment!"

In December 2022, the SEE Impact football club was formed. We are thrilled to support this community-led initiative. A group of young men aged 19 to 35 formed a football team and named themselves ‘’SEE Impact football club’’. Our founding Director, Dan Shamblin was excited and made donations for the first set of new uniforms, cones, and two balls for the group. The guys were exuberant and held a great party to celebrate their win.! We believe that sports have the power to influence the way people think. It is a great tool to inspire, empower, and create a sense of unity by bringing together individuals and communities.

At SEE Impact, we are passionate about sustainable land use and intentional about championing fairer, healthier, regenerative food systems. We are now using sports to teach essential values on agroforestry and lessons regarding teamwork, determination, and perseverance to foster a sense of pride and respect while providing a way to practice and develop essential skills. Youth can hone critical life skills and develop healthier goals for themselves and their families through sports.

‘’As a Pathway to Empowering Young Minds"

Football is an excellent tool for mindset change. For instance, it can foster a sense of community to bridge the broken social fabric. In addition, participating in sports allows youth and their communities to connect and make dialogues for a positive impact.

Are we Scoring Big with Football to Empower Youth to Reach Their Potential?

We believe that football can help youth to develop a more positive outlook on life, increase their focus and motivation, and provide them an outlet for releasing negative emotions. In addition, this youth football club is a practical approach to creating a solid brand identity and a route to reaching out to the local community to build trust and ownership.

As we advance, we are planning to reach more youth groups in other villages through radio and TV advertising campaigns and marketing in the local area, as well as through organizing events and activities for local leaders and their people to get involved. Once a passionate and loyal fan base is established, we are optimistic that the youth clubs will be able to engage local businesses and sponsors to help finance their projects and secure their long-term sustainability.

GET INVOLVED. You can support this community sports initiative in many ways.

Are you a Coach who is knowledgeable, passionate, and available to build this dedicated football team to become successful? Reach out to us through email, phone, or our social media pages

Are you an individual sports fan, a philanthropist, or a social media marketing guru willing to increase awareness of this community football team and its activities to attract potential sponsors? Share your passion for sports in your networks. Tweet and write a newsfeed about this football club.

Are you a local/international business, organization, or significant sports club willing to establish relationships and sponsorship and provide additional resources to foster Community Involvement and access to more extensive networks? Please reach out. Make a difference in the lives of these young men!, or

Call us on mobile: +256 (0)784 286 740

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