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We aim to improve livelihoods, increase resiliency, and advance climate change adaptation in Northern Uganda. 


The pathways out of poverty are limited for a large population of people in rural Northern Uganda, but the most tangible way involves the commercialization of agriculture. Despite the favorable agro-ecological conditions in the region, the potential for agriculture to reduce poverty and improve food security it is still largely untapped.  We are changing this pattern.

We are promoting climate-smart and ecologically sustainable agriculture methods to enhance agriculture productivity and supply systems to improve livelihoods and create a profitable business model for ourselves.

Areas of Impact ...

Social Impact

Improve household incomes, living conditions, food security, and reduce vulnerability among rural smallholder farmers and their households

Economic Impact

Create regional employment opportunities, increase local, and export trade

Environmental Impact

Advance climate change adaptation and environmental protection through sound agroforestry practices

Our goal is to improve the land and support our people so they are better equipped and healthier than when we started. We do this by improving livelihoods, increasing resiliency, and advancing climate change adaptation where we work in Northern Uganda.

Partner with Us

Our partners are critical to our success.

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