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Inclusive Digital Transformation. A learning Workshop on Unlocking SMEs Potential.

Empowering SMEs through Inclusive Digital Transformation Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are vital for creating jobs, fostering innovation, and boosting economic growth in the era of digital disruption. To help SMEs thrive in this changing environment, The Innovation Village hosted a workshop on leveraging inclusive digital transformation as a tool for empowerment. The generous support of various sponsors and the active involvement of diverse businesses from different sectors made the workshop possible. We are grateful to all the sponsors, participants, and stakeholders who contributed to this transformative experience.

Program Sponsors: The Mastercard Foundation, with its commitment to advancing entrepreneurship and financial inclusion, was a critical sponsor that enabled the workshop to reach new heights. The Federation of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises provided valuable insights and expertise, ensuring the workshop addressed the specific needs of SMEs. The Innovation Village, a leading hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, was pivotal in organizing and facilitating the workshop.

SEE Impact, is delighted to have participated in this learning event. We express our heartfelt appreciation to The Innovation Village and all its stakeholders. We acknowledge that the true impact of this initiative will extend far beyond the workshop. It will ripple through the lives of countless SMEs, entrepreneurs, and communities that will benefit from their enhanced capabilities and contributions. Thank you Robinah Gorreti for the wonderful representation.

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