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Shea Butter: Our Amazing Natural Skincare Product

Shea Trees on Our Farm

While growing up in Northern Uganda Shea butter was among the important household items. Shea has been used for centuries in parts of central East and West Africa where the trees grow naturally. Shea butter is applied to soothe skin ailments including eczema, rashes, sunburns, itching, and helps maintain clear healthy skin. But in Northern Uganda, it is especially used on babies to keep their skin nice. My grandmother always made it and kept some in her house.

When visiting her she would apply on us grandchildren after baths. We didn’t dare resist. She was the ultimate authority in our family. Besides, our skin looked great, blemish-free, and healthy.

Drying and Sorting Shea Nuts

Over the years, many of our Acholi cultural traditions have faded including those relating to Shea. Shea trees which only grow in a small area of Africa were once sacred in my culture, forbidden for anyone to cut. Unfortunately, today, Shea trees are being chopped down at an alarming rate to make charcoal and firewood. It bothers me! How can such useful trees be reduced to cooking fuel? Also, today few Ugandan parents even know about Shea butter. Instead of using an all-natural locally-sourced skincare product, the preference has become petroleum jelly which is a by-product of gasoline production.

Now as a parent, I have decided to keep the Shea tradition alive with my family. I have learned how to make Shea butter from the Shea nuts we harvest on our farm. I use it daily to nourish my skin and hair. I have found my hair is softer and my skin looks healthier. Also, it works wonders on our children’s skin. Because of Shea butter our two years old son, James has never had a diaper rash. The kids call it “treatment” and demand it after every bump, bug bite, scrape or wound. My husband uses it while working on the farm to treat sunburns and restore his skin after a hard day of outdoor work.

Our Shea Butter and Samples of Shea Soaps

Based on our positive experience and feedback, in 2019 we began packaging our Shea butter for sale. To make our product we use a “cold-press” machine which preserves all the natural vitamins and minerals. My grandmother would be amazed! The result is an all-natural Shea butter that is high in healthy fatty acids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and vitamins A, E, F, and K.

We are now expanding production. Currently, 20 pharmacies and supermarkets carry our Shea butter in Kampala. Also, we have begun exporting our product to the United States which is sold through a family member. In the US it is sold under the product name “My Brother’s Farm”. We are proud to provide a wonderful natural skin care product sourced from Northern Uganda. In the process, our skin looks great; we are keeping a tradition alive, and helping to raise awareness on the need to protect these wonderful trees.

Our Family

We would love to share our Shea products with you too. For more information please contact us at

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