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World Environment Day: A Call for Restoration and Collaboration

Today, June 5th, we commemorate World Environment Day with a focus on “Generation Restoration,” a global initiative to restore our degraded ecosystems.

In a significant partnership, OXFAM Novib, Uganda Refugee Management and Disaster Committee (URMDC), and SEE Impact are collaborating to implement ‘Outcome 3’ of the LEAP II program. This program promotes positive coping mechanisms and sustainable economic activities for refugee and host community women and girls in Uganda's Yumbe, Terego, and Kyegegwa refugee hosting districts. The program, running from October 2023 to December 2025, is a testament to the power of collaboration in driving environmental restoration and sustainable development.

SEE Impact is at the forefront of this movement, implementing community land restoration and clean energy projects in refugee settlements. These initiatives, funded by the Embassy of Norway in Uganda and UN Women, are transforming degraded lands into sustainable ecosystems and providing clean energy solutions where it is needed the most.

As we mark World Environment Day, let’s remember that every action counts in restoring our environment. Let’s embrace the spirit of “Generation Restoration” and work together for a sustainable future. Happy World Environment Day!

OXFAM Novib, SEE Impact, Nsamizi, and other partners participating in community cleaning activities

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